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10 Years Gone

by Deafheaven

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hills. For me: this live album has the best rendition of Vertigo. Sunbather's mixing of Vertigo close to a decade ago didn't do Deafheaven's vocal performance well, but this live album blew it out of the park with how crisp-clean the range of frequencies are. Favorite track: Vertigo (Live).
Christian Mumford
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Christian Mumford i love the things that were inspirered by blackmetal vocals on dreampop/shoegaze, totally the inheritance og my 90s generation recommend beverina label here on Bandcamp also Serena Maneesh from norway...
Joel thumbnail
Joel Gotta be honest, I never saw the point in live albums. The distracting noise of crowds, the sloppier performances, the half-baked audio quality, so on. Turns out if you remove the overtly performative element from a live album, you just wind up with a really nice collection of well-recorded recreations & reimaginings of classic songs. What a treat! Favorite track: Vertigo (Live).
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Stagnant strangers romance on crowded pathways below Admiring the stage's glistening coat The reflection on the sill Giving the cheekbones their due Praising the worth of porcelain skin My shades of blonde dancing in the high sun I gave labor to the grief To the squinting spectator who drank in the despair As I tiptoed off the plane of existence and drifted listlessly Through the velvet blackness of oblivion I am what I always was Gleaming and empty
Conjugate the spilled verbs Which is best for regret? Which allows your heavy eyes to sleep? Where has God gone wrong? Shake the hand of your deepest fear Was it not your hero who saw when you wept? Could you call if you began to weep? Where has God gone wrong? Her glassy eyes still feel the warmth So carry on to seas of bliss And heal your heart with those you miss Weighed down by stone doves Hand in hand through dooms of love
Destined as the servant to the night Where your moon dreams of the dirt and the sharp tongue of your zealous will Is only congruent with the salt in your mouth And the approaching eulogy of the world Lost in the patterns of youth and the ghost of your aches comes back to haunt you And the forging of change makes no difference Memories fly through the mask of your life shielding you from time The years that birthed the shell that you gained Hunched over in apathetic grief with a disregard for steps except the one taken back Perched up on a rope crafted in smoke A sword wielding death that buried your hope Focusing on light through the blinds A slave to reality under a monarch in the sky Lost in the patterns of youth where the windows shine brightly back at you
We're still laughing over lore. Still talking about a stream of smoke in the head of a shelter tank, swimmingly bored. Swimming in monotony. Swimming in ponds where our knees scrape the bottom. And still, we swallow the surface. We brought our boredom to the lights. Spoiled the city Blind to the ocean Deaf to the heavens. Carving a shut in symphony with memory's masturbation I've talked it out Doomed to be a spoiled child A pupil in the eyes of forever I knit the fire I stared into the mirror A prisoner to the past A ghost to the present Put down your glass Don't raise a toast to your slaving bloodline now Come to life Walk the roads to Judah tonight
Glint (Live) 11:19
Listening to muffled footsteps Of those brushing Reaching grasses Seeing the last letters of my name Faded and shy Imagining us clasping hands in holiday Imagining you growing older Growing somehow more beautiful Surrounded by your children And children’s children The midnight blue of your calmness Evening chamomile Eyes as a morning rosewater I’m shrinking into your gown Tearing the pink linen of your belly Burying into your abdomen And sewing the seam of your skin
I woke in a sweat from a desirous fever in the pocket of yesteryear Where faults have fallen to some I begged not to carry the corpse To not be a queer fish in unforgiving hearts To not be buried in native clay and preserved for cynicism I wish to be a pauper in kind eyes To feel the gravel beneath my knees To wake in a home God had sent my calamity into a deep space from which not even in dreams, Could I ever imagine my escape
Drooling red from my eyes to meet the bitter sun that shines past into light Setting fire to curtains in hope that you're dreaming Destroying the tomb of memories from your life In the room full of family, but couldn't find one In the hallways lit up brightly, but couldn't find myself I laid drunk on the concrete on the day of your birth in Celebration of all you were worth I am my father's son I am no one I cannot love It's in my blood
Hindered by sober restlessness Submitting to the amber crutch The theme in my aching prose Fantasizing the sight of Manhattan That pour of a bitter red being that escapes a thin frame The rebirth of mutual love The slipping on gloves to lay tenderly I'm dying Is it blissful? It's like a dream I want to dream


"Earlier this year we intended on celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Deafheaven demo released through Bandcamp on June 1, 2010 with a tour of North America with our friends Inter Arma, Greet Death and All Your Sisters. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fulfill that tour because of fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic. To rebound from the financial and morale hit, we put together an album of the set we intended to perform.

Revisiting the songs in this studio sessions format with Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden reminded us of how important these years have been. I’m thankful we were able to give songs like Daedalus, the first we wrote, and other favorites like Vertigo and Kettle new power after so many years of playing them. They made me think of the people who played on them with us. For the first time we’ve included information on who played on what tracks and when they were originally released. We included thank you-s in the liner notes to these musicians who’ve spent time with this project, on tour or on record and all of the touring crew, label support and management support who have helped us this past decade.

We're thankful we were able to do this project and that fans have stuck with us as we make new music for 2021. Thank you for helping us move forward and I hope you enjoy this record as a small interim in the Deafheaven story. We’ll see you soon.” - George Clarke


released December 4, 2020


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